The bustling city of Dusseldorf, Germany, recently hosted industry event – the Tube Fair. Among the attendees was Managing Director Nigel Cunniffe, representing our company with a keen eye for new opportunities and fostering existing partnerships.

The Tube Fair served as a dynamic platform where industry players converged to exchange ideas, and forge collaborations. At the heart of Nigel’s agenda was connecting with existing suppliers, whose contributions have been integral to our company’s success. Face-to-face meetings provided an invaluable opportunity to nurture these relationships, address concerns, and discuss future collaborations.

Equally important was looking out for new partnerships. Nigel’s discerning eye sought out potential suppliers whose offerings aligned with our company’s ethos of quality, innovation, and reliability. Engaging in fruitful discussions, he explored ideas that could drive mutual growth and create value for both parties.

As Nigel Cunniffe returns from the Tube Fair, he brings back more than just business cards and brochures. He carries with him a wealth of insights, relationships strengthened, and new horizons to explore. His presence at the fair underscores our company’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and staying at the forefront of the tube industry’s evolution.



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