Peter Owen, known affectionately as “Big Pete” amongst colleagues and clients alike, commenced his journey with Arran Pipeline Supplies a quarter-century ago as a delivery driver. What began as a role primarily focused on transporting goods has evolved into a story of steadfast commitment and unwavering service.

In an era where job hopping has become increasingly common, Pete’s unwavering loyalty to Arran Pipeline Supplies speaks volumes about his character and the company’s culture. His commitment to excellence and his passion for his work have remained steadfast throughout the years, serving as an inspiration to his peers and a testament to the values that define Arran Pipeline Supplies.

As we gather to celebrate Pete’s remarkable achievement of 25 years with the company, it’s not just about marking the passage of time but acknowledging the immeasurable impact he has had on Arran Pipeline Supplies. His dedication, professionalism, and indomitable spirit embody the ethos of the company and serve as a beacon for all who have the privilege of working alongside him.



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